Can we have it all without giving anything in return?

You get most things in life not by taking, but by giving.  ~Bryant H McGill~


sunday mornings..

..enjoying breakfast and off-time. Love the time i can have with my daughter. We both are working full time jobs so we try to make the most out of every little moment we can spend together. Breakfast together on sunday is such a ‚little moment‘, well as long as she’s living with me, i guess;). As a mother you are trying everything possible that your child gets a good live, even if your are not living on the ‚rich side‘ of this world at the moment, at least you make the best out of everything you have right now! It is your job to arm your child with strong values to achieve their dreams, to overcome challenges in life on their own, to embrace their inner beauty and intelligence, but most importantly, to follow their own heart, full of wonders, that can shape this world. You become a role model in every decision you make, every day. And not only by being a mother!

Everybody should see themselves as a ‚role model‘ if you want the world become a better place. Within yourself are the changes you want to see in the world. The way you live, the way you speak, the way you think and express yourself has always an impact on others, mostly on the people who are close to you. Self-Reflection is the catalyst of change and creativity helps you to find new inspiriational ways.

If we were focused solely on getting love, and not being able to giving it, we would all end up lonely and unhappy. Basically, giving and receiving are nothing other than the flow of life, and an act of love. Only ‚taking‘ out of a selfish behavior can be a long lonely road of greed. No need to say what you reap out of that.  So, in order to make good conscious choices, pause and reconsider the impact your actions have, both on you and on others.

Happy SUNday everyone:)

Peggy Gardot


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