Stuck in judgement or are we just too afraid facing our own imperfections?

When you judge another, you don’t define them, you define yourself! ~Wayne Dyer~

People only understand from their level of perception, not everyone is interested in real listening, so why explain yourself. Judgement always flows in both directions. We tend to measure everything in life what we do not know. It’s easier than facing the person of interest or the lack of our own inner peace. Why can’t we just enjoy each others uniquely instead of hating on everything whats not matching our perceptions? Where is the problem? We are no better than anyone else, we just do and handle things in different ways. We all have the same goal: living as freely happy human beings, accepted and loved for who we are. So as long as someone is not flawless in any way those really should stick to silence before pointing fingers at others. Making mistakes is more than ok, we are all no saint’s, just learn something out of it and move on. If your trust is being used, inhale a lot of Self-Love and exhale a lot of ‚Good Bye’s!‘. Leave that judgment up to life when someone chooses to be insincere over the trust you have placed. Everybody gets to face their own lessons in their own time, so try to relax, sit back and train yourself in the lovely art of ‚it doesnt matter what you think, i’ll stick with trusting in myself‘. And if you fall back expressing your anger to those kind of circumstances, don’t stress yourself about it. It’s just human, so is it to err.

Peggy Gardot


Header Picture: Photography/Art by Ani Chopurian


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